Achemation - a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation, or combination of components to structure and animate a living being.


I created a book to help broaden people's default list of fictional creatures. I wanted to open their imaginations to new concepts or ideas they might not have considered with visual aids and minimal description. The large book on the right was created for people in the gallery space to read and draw in as they came up with their own ideas.

“...you can mash a lot of orcs and unicorns and intergalactic wars together without actually imagining anything. One of the troubles with our culture is we do not respect and train the imagination. It needs exercise. It needs practice.”

~Ursula K. Le Guin


The Process

I always begin my work with sketches on paper. To conceptualize this book I took monsters that I'd already created and broke them down.


I needed to open my own imagination to randomness. A peer in my seminar course suggested that I play "Exquisite Corpse". Here's how it works; fold a piece of paper and draw one half of a creature. Pass it off to someone else and, without looking at what you've drawn, ask them to complete the monster.


Branching from the randomness of "Exquisite Corpse", I drew up random creature parts on cards and played around with this idea. When I set them on the table during seminar people fiddled with them while I talked about the idea.

This is something I wish to revisit, but the idea was branched away from for this project.


Alongside parts, I was also collecting words. This chart is the base of the information I would later present in the book as visual or narrative to keep it interesting.


Since I decided that visuals would be a large part of the Alchemation book I worked to develop a unique style for it.


These line drawings were then vectorized and put into the book.


Later they were colored and printed into kisscut stickers.